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service providers free of discrimination and bias.

Magenta is an online directory that connects people who feel unsafe and discriminated against with a range of honest, wholesome service providers. Each service provider is vetted to ensure that our users feel safe and comfortable, free from discrimination and misogyny.

so, who is magenta?

There are many service providers listed through various mediums across the world, however most of them don’t come with an assurance of an intentional investigation into the integrity and safety of the service provided before they are listed. At Magenta, we provide peace of mind when using an unknown service provider for the first time.


Magenta champions the needs of our users as well as our service providers. As a user, you have the confidence in having a service, such as a repair task or a wedding venue recce, completed without any awkward or uncomfortable interactions. As a service provider, you have exposure to a client base as well as empowering the discriminated while providing wholesome service. Our users are in control of the rating system of the service which directly impacts on future usage of our service provider on the Magenta platform listing.

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In the meaning of colours,

magenta represents universal love at its highest level.

It promotes compassion, acceptance and cooperation and encourages transformation.

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